Season 4 | Episode 5
Bringing More Value and Diversity to the Construction Industry with Ms. Gloria Samuel
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What if you ended up working for a career you dreaded before because you were unsure if you could handle challenges? Would you walk away, or would you embrace your fear?

In this episode, our special guest, Ms. Gloria Samuel, Senior Vice President and Director of Construction Programs and Project Management for Fifth Third Bank, has felt intimidated by the idea of a career in engineering. She decided to go to college and ended up choosing a program in architecture at the University of Cincinnati.

As a single parent of 1 kid, Gloria worked in architecture for a few years before eventually transitioning into the construction industry. She is motivated by the desire to learn and add value to her field, and she has been inspired by people in her life who have encouraged her to pursue her goals.

“It is important that nobody else can speak for you but you. And if you don’t speak up, you can’t expect that they’re going to give you something different. It doesn’t just fall in your lap.” Gloria Samuel, Fifth Third Bank, Senior Vice President and Director of Construction Programs and Project Management

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  1. The importance of considering the long-term impact of career choice rather than simply focusing on short-term financial considerations.
  2. The significance of being resilient and adaptable in any career, especially in the construction industry.
  3. How crucial it is to have strong communication and collaboration skills to be successful in construction.
  4. Why you should embrace new ideas and approaches in the construction industry.

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