Season 2 | Episode 10
Common Challenges in the Construction Industry and How to Effectively Deal with Them with Dr. Annie Mecias- Murphy
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No doubt that construction is a very high-stress and high-schedule-driven industry. Unfortunately, people seldom talk about the challenges they are facing. Instead, most individuals in this space pretend to be happily contented and comfortable.

But as a leader, Dr. Annie Mecias Murphy, Co-Owner & President of JA&M Developing Corporation, believes that it is her duty to listen and show kinder words to employees, workers, and family members.

As our guest for our Season02, Episode10 here at Thriving in Construction, The Podcast, Annie shares her experiences in facing countless challenges and her view about the importance of being honest to ourselves. For her, nothing beats honesty to oneself, considering the reality of construction as a very high stressful industry.

“So that requires discipline and discipline in every aspect. It’s about keeping a balance with emotional, physical, mental, spiritual; all those areas make you as a person.” – Dr. Annie Mecias Murphy

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The importance of honesty to yourself and others
  • Why discipline is crucial for the success of one’s growth
  • How to keep a work-life balance in the construction industry
  • Why construction is well worth the effort compared to other industries

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