Season 2 | Episode 4
Discussing the Vast Opportunities in the Construction Industry with Colonel Elizabeth Evans
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Is the construction industry really has a lot of opportunities? Well, you can read the confirmation in countless publications online or offline. However, the most decisive proofs come from those people who have “been there, done that” situation.

And Colonel Elizabeth Evans, Founder and CEO of Elizabeth Evans Custom Homes and E2 Roofing is definitely one of them. Having been in the military for more than 21 years now and still on active duty, Colonel Evans saw countless opportunities in construction.

“Culture is incredibly important. You can’t survive without it. I talk a lot about positive energy and negative energy and how that’s contagious. The tone that I’ve set with my company is; work for me, I work for you.” – Colonel Elizabeth Evans

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Understanding the opportunity in the construction space for most women and people that are not in the industry.
  • The importance of diversity and inclusion in the construction industry.
  • Why do you need a “chameleon approach” in construction.
  • Why “NOW” is the right time to join the world of construction.

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