Season 1 | Episode 4
Thriving in Construction | Making a Career Leap into the Construction Space with Purisima Gonzalez
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Thriving in Construction | 04 – Making a Career Leap into the Construction Space with Purisima Gonzalez

The decision to change your career can seem intimidating. However, if you’ve held a similar position before, chances are you have a lot of transferable skills, which make transitioning into a new position much easier.

If you are not inclined to think so, you should remember that many skills are transferable between positions. If you’re able to manage a team in one place, you’re likely to be able to do so in construction too, and many office-based roles have similar administrative tasks that you’ve been trained in.

Although you have the skills and experience needed for your construction job, it is exciting to realize that you will be using those skills in a new industry.

Ms. Purisima Gonzalez wonderfully shares her story – from the banking industry transitioning to the construction space – validating only the fact that women are as capable as men in terms of working in this industry.

“I see more and more women into the construction industry. Now, you can see brilliant managers, you can see women in the accounting, you can see them in every single field in the construction industry, there is a woman.” – Purisima Gonzalez

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How important is discipline in a career change
  • How to transfer your learned skill from a different industry into the construction space
  • The 3 things that define a strong personality and its importance

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