Season 2 | Episode 13
Mediation and Arbitration: An Expert Litigator’s Perspective with Attorney Lisa Colon
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Counselling and guiding business owners not to have legal disputes on the front end is in fact the work of a mediator. The goal here is to open your eyes as to what is possible that you might not be thinking of. On the other hand, it is the arbitrator who makes the final decision by choosing the right or wrong, the winner or loser.

And that is how Attorney Lisa Colon, a certified litigator, arbitrator, and construction attorney and partner of Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP, explains each role. Certified as a Mediator by the Florida Supreme Court and as an Arbitrator by the American Arbitration Association, Attorney Lisa doesn’t always end up inside the courtroom. For her, resolution is a far better option than any battle inside the court. Though she fights courtroom battles every now and then, she holds to her principle of being part of her clients’ problem-solving method.

“Resolution is a better way. I always say to my clients, I want to help you solve your problem. I want to be a part of your business and help you solve your problems. If you want just a person to go into court and fight your battle, I’m probably not the lawyer for you, I can do that. And I will certainly do it if we need to. But I see my role as being a part of your problem solving. Because what we need to do is just keep the project going, keep it moving, and get it built.” Lisa Colon, lawyer

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The difference of arbitration, mediation, and litigation
  • Why resolution is of utmost importance in any conflict
  • Other factors to consider when we talk about diversity and inclusion
  • The significance of having a mediator and arbitrator

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