Season 1 | Episode 6
Thriving in Construction | The Power of Learning for Self-Development in the Construction Industry with Ivette Vazquez
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Changing careers can seem daunting when you’re contemplating it. Nevertheless, if you’ve already worked, you probably have many transferable skills, things that you learned or have been trained in that will facilitate your ability to move into a new position with ease.

But what if your work background came from a retail industry – from cashier to being an administrative manager – without a full related job description with the construction?

How would you manage the transition?

In this Episode in Thriving in Construction, the Podcast, Yvette explains how she successfully managed the transition and became Lunacon’s Administrative and Talent Manager. A powerful yet full of conviction real story from a woman who has a passion for working in the construction space, but life’s challenges prevent her from doing that.

“Construction is very real, very true. It’s definitely been very rewarding with all the challenges and all the growth. It’s an ever, ever learning career.” – Yvette Vasquez

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why construction is considered a teachable industry.
  • How to adapt to changes in order to thrive in the construction space.
  • How you can manage to transfer your learned technology skills from different industries to the construction space.
  • The advantages of joining the construction.

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