Season 2 | Episode 7
How to Rebuild Yourself Amid Financial Difficulties with Ed Campany
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To make change happen, you must find the strength necessary to initiate and finish the transformation. It’s all about faith, energy, and commitment because the difficult part is the process, not the beginning. There will always be distractions and disagreements, lows and blows. Still, actual change occurs when a focused obsession with achieving it exists.

And that’s what Ed Campany, Founder, and CEO of Campany Roof Maintenance, LLC did. From being an outcast when still a tiny child raised with a poverty mentality to taking up all forms of addiction – name it, and probably Ed had already tried it.

But God is good. He has a better plan for all of us – and Ed! When the devastating 9/11 happened, Ed experienced the worst thing in his business life. Aside from a four and half-million-dollar loss, all his company’s contracts were locked up.

But faith made Ted a steadfast person. And together with his conviction and effort, miracle after miracle happened to carry them through financially.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How to utilize the power of faith.
  • Why flexibility is of utmost importance in the construction industry.
  • What’s the principle behind giving and sharing?
  • What is poverty mentality, and how to get rid of it?

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