While some aspects of the industry are physical in nature, construction work isn’t just manual labor. It’s about improving people’s quality of life, an achievement and passion that shouldn’t be limited to just men.

From the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic, Patricia Bonilla, the owner and President of Lunacon Construction Group, built her construction business on the core values of integrity, courage, and a strong work ethic.

Upon achieving her Masters in Construction Management from FIU, Patricia began her career as a project manager at a multi-million dollar company.

During the 2018 recession, Patricia took a leap of faith and began her own construction company from her garage. Over the years, Lunacon has built an impressive resume of diverse clients including the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, schools, and other commercial clients.

Patricia has now received many honors for her success, excellence, and contribution to the construction industry. She is also an invited speaker on Diversity and Inclusion at many national conferences.

With success came many personal sacrifices. Having lost her father at the tender age of 19 and as a single mother of 3 children, Patricia worked endless hours to meet the industry’s demanding, unforgiving, and transactional nature.

Patricia strongly believed that her company would be an instrument to break the stigma that ‘construction is for men’ and improve the quality of lives of those in need. She also wanted to address the harsh realities of the industry.

Did you know that construction is responsible for 70% of the suicide rates in the USA? That’s because the ‘tough guy’ culture is damaging people’s mental well-being and safety.

In her journey, Patricia aims to address the industry’s human side while achieving environmental and financial success. She doesn’t want to simply create matter after matter at the price of harming people or the environment. She wants to build people while building buildings and transform houses into homes.

She firmly believes that women are as strong and as capable as men, “Regardless of your gender, you have to love what you do to deliver the best.”

Turning your vision into reality is indeed possible once you develop limitless thinking.