Season 3 | Episode 1
The Importance of Partnering with People with the Right Mindset with Antwinette Lashone Goodman-Cooper
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When they hear the phrase “US Army Corps of Engineers,” many people might think about military personnel trained for war or peacekeeping services, although they are capable of doing so. Little did they know that the US Army Corps of Engineers serves as the backbone in the construction sector of the army or Air Force. They are the ones engaged in construction and other environmental remediation. US Army Corps of Engineers is also an environmental agency.

In our first episode of Season 03 in Thriving in Construction, The Podcast, our guest is Antwinette LaShone Goodman-Cooper, US Army Corps of Engineers-South Atlantic Division, Regional Director for small business. She clearly explains the duties and responsibilities of the US Army Corps of Engineers and how they accomplished missions on time or before time, within budget or under budget. She explains the requirements for those who want to partner or handle their priorities’ needs.

LaShone, as she used to be called by her family and friends, believes that women should consider joining the construction industry for various reasons. And to quote her, “I’ve seen tremendous growth with women in construction…” You don’t have to look like a man to be in the industry.”

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The role of a contracting officer
  • Why it’s essential to choose value over price
  • The significance of partnering with people with the right mindset
  • Why women should join the construction industry

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