Season 1 | Episode 5
Thriving in Construction | Change is Inevitable and So Are Women with Gladys Artunedo
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What is it like to work from an office and then suddenly to the field supervising all men – of various job roles? Kind of frightening, right? But not for Gladys Artunedo, Lunacon’s Construction Project Engineer.

She believes that change is inevitable, and everyone must face the challenge to grow. Because for her, women are capable of adapting to changes within their environment. She has faith that women can bring empathy, sensitivity, and a sense of teamwork to the construction workforce that sometimes, men don’t have.

Bringing more women into the industry would definitely bring new skill sets and perspectives into the construction space. In addition, this would result in a broader pool of skilled candidates considerably.

”Go for your dreams. Don’t let anyone stop you from what you want in life.” – Gladys Artunedo

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How embracing changes can provide you with a better opportunity.
  • How to deal with a toxic environment in the construction industry.
  • The reason why the construction industry has the highest rate of suicide.
  • How to eliminate the barriers and earn respect from men in the construction space.

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