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Season 1 | Episode 1
Thriving in Construction | Moving Beyond Differences in the Construction Industry with Aishwarya Pathak
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Aishwarya Pathak is a Project Engineer at Lunacon Construction Group. Having a solid seven years of experience at Design-Build firms, Aishwarya had a background in architecture for six years in India before coming to the United States. Becoming a Project Engineer in Lunacon is her first job in the U.S., where she works in the design aspect of construction.

Guest Aishwarya ‘Ash’ Pathak and I share our journey to the construction industry. Ash, an architect by nature, reveals how she managed to work in construction management despite the differences between being an architect and managing construction projects for somebody else’s designs.

On the other hand, I share my inspiring story on how I stubbornly followed my dream of becoming an engineer, despite my father’s disapproval. Though I have other options; to be a doctor, lawyer, or an architect, I stuck to my passion. “No, that’s not for women,” I can still recall those words my father uttered to me when I told him that I wanted to be an engineer someday.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

Diversity and inclusion in the construction industry The differences of perceiving construction while in the school or university and the real world. What are the traditional perceptions about women working in a construction How Ash works her way to working in the U.S. despite different challenges What are the things about construction management that are not being taught on the school

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