Season 2 | Episode 6
To Embrace the Change is to Move Forward with Daphne Gurri
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To build something, you have to make some decisions and prioritize. Even if you don’t choose, you have to do it. And this is what Daphne Gurri, Founding Partner and President of Gurri Matute PA, did during her challenging years.

Before starting her business from scratch, with no money in hand, Daphnee had already gone through two or three layoffs in the 1990s. Becoming tired, she told her husband Jose that after the fourth attempt, she was done. She’s going to start her own business and see how it goes. Then the sacrifices have just gone ultimate.

The pain of not being able to be there with her children at all times is one of the challenging things. Beating a physically impossible timeline is just another thing. But the worst part was leaving their children, who at that time aged three and one only, by the window.

Daphnee believes that one should be able to make a tremendous amount of personal sacrifice and eventually embrace the changes taking place, which is one of the reasons why a lot of businesses don’t succeed. Finally, you’ll learn to trust in other people to build a team so you can allow yourself the ability to take the needed time off.

“The first thing is that you should not carry the idea of being the victim in your head. If you have that in your head, you’ll never be going to move forward. You cannot have that negative feeling. Throughout the process, I did struggle. I did have issues where men in the industry did not respect me. But you have to be strong and brush those things off. Then ultimately, prove your intelligence, experience, and passion to people. Through all those things together will make you successful.” – Daphne Gurri

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How to diminish all the negativity that surrounds you?
  • The importance of building a network of people when you embark on any business.
  • Why energy and sustainability should go together?
  • Why is it important to embrace changes to move forward?

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