Season 2 | Episode 2
To Live Life In Gratitude With Joanne Brooks
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When you think about diversity and inclusion, what comes first to your mind? Is it the color of skin? Or men should be priority over women?
For Joanne Brooks, she sees it almost entirely in reverse. Joanne believes that the construction industry focuses first on women, and then next to racial equity, which eventually makes the color issue a lot lesser.
Seeing diversity as an asset instead of being a disadvantage is living a life in gratitude. And with leaders who accept the responsibilities and take the accountability, they are the ones who manage their businesses in a way that’s going to lead to success.
Bad things happened and they are inevitable. But operating from a place of integrity and fairness (caring about employees, about other people, and trying to do the right thing) always leads to positive results.
“So, I think in the long run, it’s really about your character and your ethics, and doing those things that are right. I do believe that if you’re trying to run a business, and all you do is you’re front for somebody else, you’re really not running a business.” – Joanne Brooks
What You’ll Learn from this Episode:
  • Understanding the importance of safety and security in the construction industry
  • What is surety and the importance of it to your business
  • The 3 most important C’s that sureties look at, and how it can help in building a legacy business
  • Why contractors are the most optimistic people in the world
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