Season 2 | Episode 5
Transforming Challenges Into Success With Layli Pietri
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From being a single mother of two kids and struggling to find employment to becoming a successful Business Liaison Officer for the Federal Small Business Program, that is Layli Pietri, Diversity Director of Balfour Beatty Construction.

It’s hard to imagine working away from your kids without someone attending to them. So Layli would eventually take them to work, and at other times, she would ask her supervisor to allow her to bring her work home.

It’s challenging. Maybe many listeners will blame the situation on someone or something, especially that Layli’s working in a male-dominated industry. But not for Layli, she managed to overcome the obstacles – personally and professionally – by applying strategies, time management, and other effective methods to become what she is now; Balfour Beatty Construction’s Diversity Director.

“I think most women don’t realize there’s a lot of great women out there like you, Patricia, who is really paving the way for a lot of other women, and we just don’t see them highlighted as much. Also understanding there’s a lot of different roles within the industry.” – Layli Pietri

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The importance of being a great listener in order to gain trust and knowledge.
  • How diversity and inclusion can significantly help you achieve the most in your career and personal life?
  • The three things that anyone should keep in mind to be successful in business development.
  • Why is relationship significant to success, and how does it work?

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