Season 2 | Episode 1
Where Viewing Obstacles Is A Chance For Growth With Vanessa Mata 
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What would you do if an obstacle suddenly occurs in your office? Would you spend the whole day talking about the issue or would you rather spend most of your time on providing the solution?
Talking about the issue doesn’t solve any issues. You need to fix it and move on. Doing this will keep you from creating the same error.
And as Lunacon’s Bid Coordinator, Vanessa Mata believes that construction is overcoming obstacles on a daily basis. For her, the only thing to do is prepare and instead of being reactive, you need to be proactive.
Vanessa views every obstacle as an opportunity for growth. And to quote Vanessa, “Give me the obstacle right now I want to get out of my way and move forward. The second someone tells me something, I would just want to get it done that second.”
“When you are running away from a problem, you’re actually running away from the solution, you need to head on to the problem, fix it, and you’ll be closer to the solution.” – Vanessa Mata
What You’ll Learn from this Episode:
  • The importance of not letting external force affect your internal self.
  • How diverse is the construction industry (you might be surprised).
  • Why construction is always a demand.
  • The anatomy of listening effectively – why it is considered more important than speaking.
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