Season 2 | Episode 12
An In-Depth Analysis About the Importance of Communication with Attorney Edgar Belaval
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Effective communication skills are critical for ensuring that you understand information accurately and quickly. In contrast, inadequate communication skills frequently result in misunderstandings and frustration.

It may take a lifetime to master communication skills—if anyone can ever claim to have mastered them. There are, however, several relatively simple things you can do to enhance your communication skills and ensure that you can effectively transmit and receive information.

And that’s what our guest expert here in Season 02, Episode 12 of Thriving in Construction, The Podcast, tackles about. Attorney Edgar Belaval of Belaval Law here in Miami, Florida, has extensive trial experience in construction, real estate, contract, commercial and liability cases, starting from inception to trial.

“So, I think the most important message that anyone should take from this podcast is the importance of communication, and documentation in every aspect of construction, whether it’s a change, whether it’s a schedule, whether it’s who’s going to be where, whether it’s when do we start, or any issues that have come up, communication is the most important thing.” –Attorney Edgar Belaval

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The three vital components of an entire construction process.
  • The most important thing about communication
  • How women affect the world of construction
  • The advantages of joining the construction industry over other sectors

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